EasyMateria Always brings you updated content or information about homeopathy medicines and treatment. Here below we have shared updated medicine information by our specialist faculty:

Aethusa Cynapium ( Fool’s Parsley)

About Aethusa cynapium ( Fool’s Parsley) - Aethusa was known for cholera infantum , vomiting, and diarrhoea in infants. It applies ...
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Nux Vomica-Learn At Easy Materia

Nux Vomica

Gastrointestinal symptoms of Nux Vomica – All the Nux Vomica symptoms are arising from over mental work and sedentary life ...
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Allium Cepa-Learn At Easy Materia

Allium Cepa

Allium cepa is principally used for cold. Catarrhal affection and Inflammation of mucous membranes of nose and eyes. Profuse watery discharge ...
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