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Aethusa Cynapium ( Fool’s Parsley)

About Aethusa cynapium ( Fool’s Parsley)

– Aethusa was known for cholera infantum , vomiting, and diarrhoea in infants. It applies on very suddenly in hot weather in infancy, with extreme prostration. Milk indigestion is the chief symptom of Aethusa cynapium. Curd like vomiting as soon as milk reaches in the stomach, great prostration after that causes sleepiness. Hungry after vomiting. Sour stomach with colic.

– The mother does not suspect the child is sick until she takes it from the crib; only a few hours before it was well; but when cholera infantum is prevalent in hot weather, this little one fills its stomach with milk and almost before it has had time to coagulate or form into curds the milk comes up partly in curds and partly liquid, not accompanying the vomiting there is a thin, yellow-greenish, slimy stool.

Aethusa Cynapium (Fool’s Parsley)

Aethusa Cynapium (Fool’s Parsley)

– The child has the appearance as if it were dying, pale Hippocratic face, there is a whitish-blue pallor around the lips, the eyes are sunken and there is a sunken condition around the nose.

– The child sinks into an exhausted sleep. It wakes up and again fills the stomach with milk which comes up again in a few minutes, partly in curd and partly liquid, and again there is the awful exhaustion, deathly appearance, and prolonged sleep.

– It has delirium, it has excitement, it has mental disturbances of various kinds, but they are acute and accompany the brain troubles. A certain class of infants comes down sick in the hot weather, in the hot nights, and they get brain trouble.

– This occurs especially in those infants that have been fed as the ordinary everyday mother feeds her baby, and how is that? Every time it cries she puts it to the breast or feeds it.

– Aethusa has convulsions in children, with clammy hands, deathly countenance, and the sweat, exhaustion, and sleep.

– Convulsions, great weakness, and prostration, with sleepiness.

– Milk causes diarrhoea.

Nux Vomica

Gastrointestinal symptoms of Nux Vomica –

All the Nux Vomica symptoms are arising from over mental work and sedentary life style. The indoor life and mental strain seek some stimulants to keep him active and energetic like alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco smoking, morphine and wine possible in excess. Nux vom. The patient is usually addictive of laxatives and their side effects like flatulency and indigestion. Nux vomica Is very hypochondriac and having the fear of disease.


– Fetid and sour taste. Anterior part of the tongue is clean and posterior part is coated with white fur.
– Fetid ulceration of tongue with bloody saliva associated with constipation.
– Rough scraped feeling in the throat.


Nux vomica is an old dyspeptic, lean, hungry, withered, want to bend forward, always selecting his food and digesting almost nothing, having a very weak stomach.


Stimulants, alcohol, wine, pungent, succulent, juices, meat, bitter things, tobacco, coffee, rich fatty food with gravy and seasoned food.


Meat, coffee, wine, alcohol, tobacco, spicy food, bread, salad and water.

Nux Vomica-Learn At Easy Materia

Nux Vomica-Learn At Easy Materia

Ailments from-

Stress, alcohol, overeating, abuse of medicines, abuse of laxatives, irregular eating habits, night watching and debauchery.
-Milk sours on a stomach. Sour taste and nausea in the morning or after eating. Sour & bitter eructation. Difficulty in belching or passing gas. Pain in the stomach aggravated by eating or pain after eating. Vomiting & retching. Feels better after vomiting.
-Ravenous hunger. He is feeling dry before dyspepsia. Gourmand. Bulimia. He loves snacks in the short interval.
-Nux vom. is suited for loss of appetite. They are very hungry but an aversion to food is present due to previous attacks of gastritis, dyspepsia and gastralgia.
-The stomach is sensitive to pressure so that they loosen their cloths. Intolerable for tight bandaging around a waist. Bloated feeling. Pressure as of a stone after several hours of eating.
-Disordered stomach from overeating, stimulants, night watching, laxatives and high living.


-Bruised, soreness and pain in the abdomen.
-Flatulency and distention with spasmodic pain.
-Cramps in abdomen cause desire for stool.
-Pain after eating, much straining and tenesmus.
-Colic from uncovering better by bending forward & heat.
-The weakness of abdominal ring region.
-A strangulated hernia. Nux vom. is specially suited for left inguinal and umbilical hernia.


-Stasis of portal system, portal congestion.
-Abdominal complaints with jaundice.
-soreness, tearing and drawing pain in the liver region. Can’t turn over the bed, must sit up with his hands and then turn over and lie down. Pain causes weeping and fainting.


-Obstinate constipation.
-The frequent ineffectual desire for stool. Incomplete and unsatisfactory stool. Feeling as if feces remained unexpelled.
-In constipation state the more he strains the harder it is to pass stool. A kind of anti peristalsis. Constriction of a rectum.
-Tenesmus and frequent urging. Actions are turned in opposite directions. After much straining no stool is passes, but after going several times a small quantity of stool passes with at each attempt. Passing stool gives some relief. This activity causes little faintness and disappointment. The absence of all desire for defecation is the contraindication.


-Sedentary life causes piles in nux vomica patient.
-Stasis in the hemorrhoids causes pain in the rectum with discomfort.
-Heaviness and pain with internal piles.
-Ailments from abuse of medicines and laxatives.
-Blind piles with itching and ineffectual urging.
-Pain ameliorated by heat.


-Ailment from meat, alcohol seasoned food or eating a different kind of food at a time. Alternate diarrhoea and constipation present due to over use of medicines and laxatives throughout their lives which cause altered functions in the gastrointestinal tract.
-The frequent desire for stool, much straining but passes little squirt, scanty stool. Tenesmus with straining. Sensation as if the stool is forcing back. A kind of anti-peristalsis action. Faintness due to straining and urging, desire to sit on commode for long time.


-Colic relieved by stool for a time. Constant uneasiness in the rectum. Frequent urging for stool. Great tenesmus. Stool with mucus and blood. Sensation “as if stool not finished”.


Nightlife, irregular food, seasoned food, fatty & rich food with gravy, spicy food, meat, alcohol, wine, debauchery, morphine, abuse of medicines & laxatives, overeating, after eating, noise, touch, light, cold air.


Pressure, hot application, heat, bending forward, flatulency, after stool, after vomiting, quietness, covering, warm drinks.

Allium Cepa

Allium cepa is principally used for cold. Catarrhal affection and Inflammation of mucous membranes of nose and eyes. Profuse watery discharge from the mucous membranes. All complaints are aggravated by warmth or worse in the warm room, in the evening.

Symptoms are better in cold air or open air, sensitive to heat. Ailments from the north-west wind, cold damp weather, getting wet, salad and cucumber.

The desire for raw onion.

Allium Cepa-Learn At Easy Materia

Allium Cepa-Learn At Easy Materia

All the symptoms go from left to right.  Oversensitive to odors of flowers and skin of peaches.

Psoric condition. Hot patient.

Complaints of coryza, lachrymation, cough and laryngitis. Rawness in nose, throat, larynx and chest with a copious flow of water from nose, which is always acrid and excoriating. Sneezing . Sensation of fullness in nose with throbbing and burning, sometimes nosebleed.

Lachrymation from eyes, which is always bland. Cough is excited by tickling in the larynx and when lying down at night in the warm room. Pain in larynx on coughing. Pains through the jaws, in the face and extends into the head which is aggravated by light.

Hay fever. The best time to treat hay fever when acute attack subsides and until it begins again the next season.

Child is irritable, snappish. Who will throw away something. In babies cutting, rending, drawing, tearing colic. Sensitive anus with bleeding in infants.

Treatment for Allium Cepa, you can contact to Gupta Homoeo Clinic.