Allium Cepa

By | March 4, 2016

Allium cepa is principally used for cold. Catarrhal affection and Inflammation of mucous membranes of nose and eyes. Profuse watery discharge from the mucous membranes. All complaints are aggravated by warmth or worse in the warm room, in the evening.

Symptoms are better in cold air or open air, sensitive to heat. Ailments from the north-west wind, cold damp weather, getting wet, salad and cucumber.

The desire for raw onion.

Allium Cepa-Learn At Easy Materia

Allium Cepa-Learn At Easy Materia

All the symptoms go from left to right.  Oversensitive to odors of flowers and skin of peaches.

Psoric condition. Hot patient.

Complaints of coryza, lachrymation, cough and laryngitis. Rawness in nose, throat, larynx and chest with a copious flow of water from nose, which is always acrid and excoriating. Sneezing . Sensation of fullness in nose with throbbing and burning, sometimes nosebleed.

Lachrymation from eyes, which is always bland. Cough is excited by tickling in the larynx and when lying down at night in the warm room. Pain in larynx on coughing. Pains through the jaws, in the face and extends into the head which is aggravated by light.

Hay fever. The best time to treat hay fever when acute attack subsides and until it begins again the next season.

Child is irritable, snappish. Who will throw away something. In babies cutting, rending, drawing, tearing colic. Sensitive anus with bleeding in infants.

Treatment for Allium Cepa, you can contact to Gupta Homoeo Clinic.

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