Aethusa Cynapium ( Fool’s Parsley)

By | May 6, 2016

About Aethusa cynapium ( Fool’s Parsley)

– Aethusa was known for cholera infantum , vomiting, and diarrhoea in infants. It applies on very suddenly in hot weather in infancy, with extreme prostration. Milk indigestion is the chief symptom of Aethusa cynapium. Curd like vomiting as soon as milk reaches in the stomach, great prostration after that causes sleepiness. Hungry after vomiting. Sour stomach with colic.

– The mother does not suspect the child is sick until she takes it from the crib; only a few hours before it was well; but when cholera infantum is prevalent in hot weather, this little one fills its stomach with milk and almost before it has had time to coagulate or form into curds the milk comes up partly in curds and partly liquid, not accompanying the vomiting there is a thin, yellow-greenish, slimy stool.

Aethusa Cynapium (Fool’s Parsley)

– The child has the appearance as if it were dying, pale Hippocratic face, there is a whitish-blue pallor around the lips, the eyes are sunken and there is a sunken condition around the nose.

– The child sinks into an exhausted sleep. It wakes up and again fills the stomach with milk which comes up again in a few minutes, partly in curd and partly liquid, and again there is the awful exhaustion, deathly appearance, and prolonged sleep.

– It has delirium, it has excitement, it has mental disturbances of various kinds, but they are acute and accompany the brain troubles. A certain class of infants comes down sick in the hot weather, in the hot nights, and they get brain trouble.

– This occurs especially in those infants that have been fed as the ordinary everyday mother feeds her baby, and how is that? Every time it cries she puts it to the breast or feeds it.

– Aethusa has convulsions in children, with clammy hands, deathly countenance, and the sweat, exhaustion, and sleep.

– Convulsions, great weakness, and prostration, with sleepiness.

– Milk causes diarrhoea.

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